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Who are we?

This site has been set up by the expert wedding team at Weddingly. 

Weddingly is the new smart platform to hit the market in the next few weeks. We’re bringing super smart technology to the way you plan your wedding.

We’re making it more personal and intuitive- wedding planning as you know it will never be the same.

We understand what a disappointing and challenging time this must be for Couples and Vendors alike, so we couldn’t wait till our launch to dive in and offer our help wherever we can.

Our network of amazing couples and vendors- coupled with our team of expert planners, means that we can help you find replacement options in the wake of postponements and cancellations.

Keeping safe is the most important thing- but we also understand that it’s heartbreaking to let go of your wedding that you have been painstakingly planning for an age.
We want to help you navigate this tricky time, find alternative solutions. Together, we got this.


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