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How do I postpone my wedding? A step-by-step guide.

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So, you’ve made the decision. It’s time to postpone your wedding.

First of all, we know how heartbreaking and disappointing this must be for you. We really do get it. But, trust us when we say, it’s going to be okay. All is not lost. Your probably feeling concerned about what this means for your wedding. You might also not know even where to begin with the task of rescheduling it. We’re here to walk you through it.   

First, things first. Insurance.

If you have wedding insurance, the very first thing you should do is give them a call. They’ll be able to assist you. But before you call, here’s just a couple of things to consider…   

  • Some insurers will not have coverage for “notifiable human diseases” or “notifiable diseases”, which the COVID-19 / Coronavirus became after 5th March 2020. Some policies will blanket statement this, meaning cancelations and postponements due to Coronavirus will not be covered, sadly. However, some insurers will make exceptions for policies taken out before this time, as at the time of the commencement of the policy, COVID-19 was not a “notifiable disease”.  Check your policy wording carefully and call your policy provider for clarification.  
  • You don’t have to make a claim, but you should know what you are entitled to!  
  • You may be on hold for some time.  Lots of other couples will be doing the same thing – be prepared for a long wait.

Now that you have spoken with your insurance, and you know the lay of the land, it’s time to decide on your next steps for rescheduling:  

1. Choosing a New Date

We recommend having a think about what part of your wedding day you were most looking forward to. Was it the venue? The entertainment? The food?

Get in touch with the vendor, or maybe couple of vendors, that you loved the most first. Find out their availability and what date works for them. You can arrange everyone else around them, even if that means sourcing a couple of new suppliers for the things you care a little less about.

The same goes for key members of the bridal party and guests. Find out when the most important people are available.

When choosing a new date, have a think about how flexible you can be. Lots of couples will be moving their wedding to later in the year, so consider if you’d be up for getting married on a weekday, or perhaps a Friday or Sunday. If not, depending on availability, the alternative might be pushing your date back until the very end of the year, or potentially even to early 2021.

Also remember, if you’re changing a summer wedding to a winter one, you might need to reconsider a few elements of the day to accommodate for chillier weather!  The upside here, fireworks are beautiful in the Autumn! 

2. Level With Your Vendors and Check Your Contracts Carefully 

This is a challenging time for everyone, including your vendors. Whilst this is a heartbreaking outcome for you, it’s also a concerning one for suppliers who are facing a big loss of income.

Most suppliers will try their best to help you, where they can. If a supplier is really sticking to their guns regarding your original payment agreement, remind them that you would like to keep the booking, but just move it to an alternative date. You might even want to mention that they may have Business Interruption cover as part of their insurance, which might support them here. Let’s try and help each other through this.    

When checking your contracts, look out for clauses regarding Force Majeure (ie. “Acts of God”). This may cover Coronavirus and exempt you from your payment obligations. It could also exempt vendors from their obligations to you. So check what their responsibilities are and what compensation you may be due because of this.  

3. Contact your guests. 

Even if you don’t have a new date yet, get in touch with your guests as soon as you’ve made the decision to postpone. A simple email or even Whatsapp message will do.

Let them know that travel and accommodation providers may be offering rebooking opportunities or refunds (as many companies are) and advise them to get in touch. 

Explain how you are feeling and, if you need it, ask for the space to figure out your next steps.  Be kind and understand that lots of people will be disappointed and saddened to hear of the postponement.    

Tip: If you made a group booking of hotel bedrooms, check with your hotel to see if you can get a reduction in rates or a free cancelation for your guests. It will go a long way to helping people who have made travel plans. 

When you have picked out your new date, get your guests excited again and make sure they pop it in their diary by sending out ‘Change the Date’ cards! Read more about this in another of our posts, here.

4. Spreadsheets are your friend.  

Rescheduling your wedding is a fiddly task. A trusty spreadsheet will help you keep track of things.

Make a note of the suppliers that you’ve contacted and what their availability is. Keep track of any changes in costs, or fees you can’t get fully refunded. Make it clear, simple and concise. You’ll find it so much easier to navigate this difficult job.

If you find that some of the suppliers you originally booked are not available on your new date, don’t panic. We can help you find an alternative. Fill out our form and let us know when your wedding is and what type of vendors you need to be connected with. A member of the team will get in touch with you shortly.

5. Not everything needs rescheduling.   

For any services that are not delivered on the day, like your favours, suits and dresses, or decorations, these won’t need any rescheduling at all. Have a think about any other elements of your day that might be deliverable in advance. You just need to figure out where to store it for a while!  

If you’re still feeling concerned or have some specific questions you’re looking for guidance on, get in touch with our Expert team. We’re here to help.

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