Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 23rd March 2019, all weddings and other social gatherings due to take place within a minimum of the next 3 weeks must now be cancelled/postponed. Read our advice and guidance on this here.

Wedding cake

How you can include people who can’t come to the wedding because of Covid-19

Please note: All of the information in our posts and articles is accurate and correct at the time it was published. As the Covid-19 situation evolves, our advice might change. We will be frequently publishing new, up-to-date articles and advice, to reflect this.

Coronavirus is hitting people with compromised immune systems, over 70s, or people with other underlying health conditions, harder than others.  Whilst your wedding might be taking place, some of your guests may not be able to attend due to this.  This sad and heartbreaking situation is facing many couples and their guests alike over the next few months as the country makes its way through this difficult time.   

So, what ideas could you use to include people who can’t attend the wedding due to social distancing requirements or self-isolation?   

  • Live streaming is changing the way we operate many types of services, from church services to funerals, why not weddings too?  Set up a group on Facebook for those who can’t come and rope in a tech-savvy guest who can FacebookLive your wedding for you.   
  • If you choose a 360 videographer, you could be sitting with your guests who can’t come, in a few months’ time, with VR headsets, reliving that gorgeous moment when your partner saw you walking down the aisle.  Beautiful!  360 video is an amazing piece of technology allowing the viewer to truly immerse themselves in the moment they’re viewing, from any angle.   
  • Get that piece of wedding cake back to the guest afterwards.  Ask guests who live nearby or arrange a contact-free delivery to them of the cake. Cake makes everything better!  
  • Set up a wedding hashtag and tell people to share their photos on the day immediately using the hashtag so the guests who can’t attend can get play-by-play images to view and absorb. 
  • Ask your photographer to give you a mini-selection of images within a week of your wedding so you can send them straight to your guests who couldn’t make it.  
  • Video call the important people, on the day, either just before or just after the wedding ceremony.  Show off your gorgeous outfits and tell them you love them and miss them.   
  • When the isolation time is over, why not surprise the important guests who couldn’t attend with a visit of you both in your outfits?  Especially loved by grandmothers and great-grandmothers, you could even get a photographer to join you for that special moment and get visual memories to last a lifetime. Just because it’s not on THE day, doesn’t mean it can’t be another special day.
  • Send personalised mini-wedding albums to the guests who couldn’t come and host a dinner or event to include them later in the year when things have settled down.   

There are so many ways you can get people involved in your wedding day, even if they can’t come on the day.  You guys are your wedding. Remember what’s important and try and stay connected in creative ways. It’s not ideal, we totally understand- but it can still be meaningful and special.