Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 23rd March 2019, all weddings and other social gatherings due to take place within a minimum of the next 3 weeks must now be cancelled/postponed. Read our advice and guidance on this here.

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Should I postpone my wedding because of COVID-19?

Please note: All of the information in our posts and articles is accurate and correct at the time it was published. As the Covid-19 situation evolves, our advice might change. We will be frequently publishing new, up-to-date articles and advice, to reflect this.

With Coronavirus spreading across the UK, couples everywhere are having to make the heartbreaking decision to postpone their weddings.

Whilst most April and May weddings have already been postponed, if you’re getting married later in the summer or even in early autumn – you might be wondering what to do now. Do you HAVE to postpone? Can you just wait and see what happens? Or is it best to make a decision now, so you can move forward with a new plan?

Anything to avoid this feeling, right?!

Let’s get real about this. 

We don’t have very much information about what the next 6 months will look like. But, if we really face this thing head on, we can’t ignore the Government’s warnings that there will likely be some kind of social distancing measures in place for at least the next 6 months. 

That’s a tough pill to take, especially if your wedding is scheduled (or even, already rescheduled…) for anytime between now and September.

So, what does that mean for your wedding? 

First off, if you’re feeling sad, overwhelmed, frustrated or angry- you’re totally entitled to feel this way. This isn’t fair, at all. And whilst, yes, we should all be grateful for ours and our loved ones health and safety during this time, having something unprecedented like this impact your wedding day in such a huge way is heartbreaking. It’s okay to feel like this. 

Secondly, now that it’s on the table, let’s work out what to do about it. What are your options from here? 

Option 1: Just hold out to see what happens.

Who knows, this whole thing could go away soon, right? They’ve predicted that the UK will hit its peak in cases soon, so surely things will start to get back to normal after that? We can’t SERIOUSLY be all trapped in our houses until September?

If this is what you’re thinking, we dig your ‘my cup is half full’ kind of attitude. Whilst it’s likely there’ll be social distancing measures in place for a long time, we don’t know how strict they’ll be. Theoretically, there is a possibility that those measures could move to something lighter- but equally, they could just get stricter.

Our thoughts here are, if you’re getting married in April, May or June, it’s time to postpone. But, if you’re getting married in July, August or September, and you’re not in any big rush to make the decision right away, wait two or three weeks and see how things progress. It will give you, your venue and your suppliers a chance to see how effective lockdown is on the spread of the virus and what the Government’s advice is from here. It also gives us a chance to see how the situation progresses in countries like Italy, Spain and China, who are a few weeks ahead of us in all of this. 

A note here though, we’d recommend reaching out to your venue and/or wedding insurance provider now, anyway. Whilst you don’t have to make a decision right away, it’s also important not to bury your head in the sand. Find out how they’re handling things and what you’re covered for. They’ll be able to offer you much more accurate guidance on your specific booking and insurance policy, from here. 

Option 2: If you’re getting married in April, May or June, postpone to later in the summer. 

Lots of couples have already done this and it’s definitely an option on the table- but there is some real risk to it. No one wants to go through the process of postponing their day a second time.  

Our advice here is, if you’ve already postponed to later this summer, similarly to above, you don’t need to panic just yet. You can wait two or three weeks, to see how advice and guidance changes. If the worst happens and you have to postpone again, remember- it will be okay. You already know all of your wonderful suppliers were happy to work with you on a new date, they’ll do it again! They know this is outside of your control. Don’t give up hope, you will have your wedding day, when this is all over. 

If you haven’t yet postponed your wedding, to be extra safe and to avoid worrying about this any further- the safest option would be to postpone to after the summer time. The last couple of months of this year, or even 2021, would be best.

Option 3: Postpone to November 2020, or even later

This is the safest choice. Take control of the situation and don’t spend the next several months wondering will I or won’t I have to postpone. Change your summer wedding to a gorgeous and cosy winter one. Or, you could even keep the exact same wedding and date- but just do it a full year later!

Yes, you’ll have to wait that bit longer until your wedding day. But, it will be the day you really want- with no compromises or last minute cancellations. The wait will be well worth it.

To get the ball rolling here, reach out to your venue and find out what your options for this are. For more tips on how to postpone your wedding, take a look at this post.

Option 4: Get married as soon as you can and have a big celebration when this is all over.

Don’t want to wait months or even a full year, until you get to marry your partner? You’ve waited long enough- you just want to be married already! We totally understand this. This is your life and your wedding, you do whatever feels best for you.

If this is how you’re feeling, you could have a beautiful, intimate ceremony with your nearest and dearest as soon as the strictest social distancing measures have been lifted. Then, have a big celebration with everyone else when this is all over and life is back to normal!

You can still have your big celebration at your venue, and you can still wear your wedding dress and/or groomswear. It can still feel like the wedding day you wanted. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait to make things official. 

Still not sure which option you want to go with? Maybe a trusty pro and con list will help you out….


  1. You’ll get the wedding day you wanted, with no compromises or last minute disappointments
  2. With the social distancing measures lifted, everyone you want to be there will be able to attend 
  3. You can take control of the situation and stop fretting or worrying about how things are going to pan out
  4. By acting now and getting in touch with your insurance provider, venue and suppliers, you can find out what you’re covered for and what their policies are sooner rather than later. Find out what you need to do, to better protect your finances and the fees you’ve paid so far.  
  5. See this as a chance to celebrate twice! When your original wedding date comes around, do something to mark the day and embrace this time together, just the two of you. From a simple toast, to something more symbolic- such as reading a personal set of vows to one another, make it a lovely and intimate moment to remember. Then celebrate again in a big, joyous way with all of your friends and family, on your new date!
  6. A postponed wedding means you’ll have longer to enjoy this time of being engaged. Just think, this winter, instead of the post-wedding blues, you’ll still be feeling excited and one of the best days of your life will still be ahead of you!


  1. Let’s face it, it’s sad. You’ve been planning and looking forward to this day for so long, for it to be pushed back is really tough. Winter time, or even 2021, seems so far away! (But remember, this isn’t the end for your wedding. You will get things back on track and you will have the wedding you want, even if it is a little later.)
  2. The task of postponing your wedding itself, is fiddly. After months of planning, you didn’t anticipate having to do something like this. Calling your venues, suppliers and insurance provider to coordinate something like this isn’t exactly what we’d call fun. (On the other hand, avoiding these conversations now could leave room for you to lose out in the long run. What if after all this, you’re forced to postpone down the line anyway? Get your new date booked in and find out what your insurance covers you for now, so you can be better prepared for the future.)
  3. What if you don’t love the new date your venue offered you? Terrified of going from a Saturday in July to a Tuesday in November? (Again, waiting longer to postpone only makes this problem worse. Lots of couples will be rescheduling, so get ahead of the game and get your new date secured ASAP.)
  4. What if this costs me, financially? Will I lose out? (Regardless of whether you decide to postpone or not, our advice is to find out what your options are here, anyway. Contact your insurance provider and reach out to your venue/suppliers. See how they’re handling things and what you’re covered for. If the worst happens and you have to postpone after all, you want to be prepared.)

Hopefully now you’re feeling much more confident in your decision as to whether to postpone, or not!

If you are going to move forward with your plans to postpone your wedding, take a look at our step-by-step guide on how to do it.