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What happens to my wedding dress now?

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You might have heard a couple of rumblings about the impact Coronavirus is having on wedding dresses in the UK. If you’re panicking- don’t worry. There is always a solution.

As a lot of wedding dresses are designed in the UK but made in China, wedding dress boutiques have reported that there’s been a delay in deliveries. Depending in where you are in your wedding dress purchase journey, you might have a couple of concerns. Let’s break these down.   

If you… have your dress already  

If you’ve already got your dress, great! You, of course, won’t be affected by any dress shortages or delays. However, social distancing measures and the impact Covid-19 is having on small businesses might mean you struggle to get your dress fitted over the next 3 months.

Our recommendations: Speak to your wedding dress boutique about the latest dates your dress fittings can take place (or be postponed to). Find out what policies they’re putting in place with regards to social distancing. They should be able to let you know the best course of action here.  

If you’re getting married in the next 3 months, and you are worried about your wedding dress fittings, for that extra bit of relief you could have a look at some back up dress options. Have a browse of any High Street retailers who are still operating as usual. ASOS, Whistles and John Lewis all have some beautiful wedding dress options. But do look out for any changes to delivery times on their websites.

If you… are waiting your dress to arrive  

The good news is that dresses are still being shipped from China, as they are made. Although, it is true that some deliveries are delayed at the moment. This might be because delivery services are short staffed, or because additional measures from Customs and other restrictions are slowing things down. However, wedding dress shops all over the country are doing their utmost to keep things running as normal.    

Our recommendations: Get in touch with your wedding dress boutique as soon as possible, to find out more about when they expect deliveries to be coming through and what they are planning if significant delays occur.  

Remember to be kind, your wedding dress supplier is doing everything they can to help you out.  Patience will go a long way to making the process as simple as possible.   

If you… haven’t ordered your dress yet  

Typically, recommendations for wedding dress shopping is to put in your order at least 8 months before your wedding date. Coronavirus might have thrown a bit of a spanner in the works on this, but don’t worry. All is not lost. There are so many incredible British wedding dress designers who both design and make all of their pieces in the UK. They can definitely help. 

Our recommendations:  It’s totally fine to just relax and wait a bit longer before you go dress shopping. As soon as the measures around social distancing and self-isolation are reduced or lifted, get back in touch with your favourite boutiques to book in your appointments. It’s going to be okay, you’ve got plenty of time.    

Plus, we predict there’s going to be some great sample sales, pre-loved dresses and boosted turnaround times as soon as the heaviest Coronavirus measures are lifted. So, you could even nab yourself a stunning gown for a real bargain!  

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