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Part 1, the next 6 months: How is Covid-19 going to affect the wedding industry?

Please note: All of the information in our posts and articles is accurate and correct at the time it was published. As the Covid-19 situation evolves, our advice might change. We will be frequently publishing new, up-to-date articles and advice, to reflect this.

Coronavirus, or the Covid-19 virus, is the phrase on everybody’s lips at the moment, but – whilst we’re all considering the immediate impact – what affect is the Coronavirus going to have on the wedding industry as a whole?  Our experts break down our predictions for the industry, over the next 6, 12 and 24 months.  

The next 6 months:  

The current situation is difficult for everyone, both wedding suppliers and venues and couples alike.  Couples face the uncertainty of vendors cancelling on their wedding day based on requirements to self-isolate or venues not having the staff to provide services for their wedding day to take place- or even being on lock-down.  They then face the heartbreaking decision as to whether to cancel, postpone or reduce a part of their wedding day.   

Prediction 1:  Couples in the next 6 months will choose to reduce their wedding day.  

Couples are rightly concerned about their family and friends in relation to the Coronavirus and are making steps to reduce the impact their wedding will have on the health of others.  Many are choosing to reduce their wedding day down to simply ceremony and wedding breakfast.  Sadly, vendors who focus specifically on evening receptions such as live music, DJs and evening catering will be hit the hardest by this choice.   

Prediction 2:  Some Couples will choose to have a second celebrationat a later date.   

Whilst couples are making the decision to reduce the impact of a full wedding day during this time, they are also considering taking their evening celebration and moving it to a later date.  Vendors who find their evening reception bookings are cancelled, should consider asking couples whether they plan to have a celebration later in the year.  It may be that it isn’t on their radar just yet, but they might start thinking about it with a little prompt from you.   

Prediction 3: Weddings in 2020 will take place, just later in the year.  

With weddings being cancelled due to Coronavirus, couples are moving their wedding dates to later in the year.  The Summer wedding season is likely to begin becoming less busy as bookings are moved to later dates when the Coronavirus impact is predicted to have lessened considerably.  Wedding vendors should consider how flexible they can be for couples who are looking to move their wedding date and make it as easy as possible for them to make the changes they need.  Empathy and understanding will go a long way to maintaining trust between you and your bookings.  

Prediction 4:  Some weddings will be cancelled – for financial reasons and possibly due to “cold feet” too  

The saddest prediction we have is that some couples simply won’t go ahead with their weddings.  With the possibility of full lock-down for up to 3 months or more, some couples may face reduced working hours, the economic impact that the Coronavirus will have on the country as a whole, will mean that Wedding budgets may be slashed.  Many people will find the anxiety of planning a wedding to be too much and some simply won’t have the financial resources to do it.  Again, empathy and understanding goes a long way here – and a little prompt to remind them to check their wedding insurance coverage.  Cold feet won’t be covered, but cancellation due to being made redundant may be on certain policies.  

Prediction 5:  Couples will reduce their numbers 

As large gatherings are banned, and as people are given guidance for Social Distancing, couples will start to reduce their numbers for their day.  This will especially impact cultures where large wedding days are conventional.  Venues will start to refuse business for large groups based on Social Distancing rules and couples will be forced to cull their wedding list if sticking with their wedding day.   This will impact venues, caterers, tipis/marquees etc., stationers and anyone else who offers a “per person” product.   

So, that’s what we’re predicting the next 6 months is going to look like for the wedding industry. It’s going to be a challenging time.
Make sure you take a look at Part 2, to see what we’re expecting is going to happen over the next year.

Nobody starts making their wedding plans expecting them to be de-railed by a worldwide pandemic- but there is a way forward, there are solutions out there. There will be compromises, but you can still put together a special day that celebrates your love.

If you need help and support, please get in touch with our team. We’re here to offer you any guidance that you might need, from help with your planning to ideas for what you can do. We’re here to support you, so just drop us a line.

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