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How should you write your Coronavirus Statement?

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We’ve all seen them, and received them, from businesses across the country – The Coronavirus Statement.  

Why are these important?

You’re a business and people are relying on you. From your clients, to your network, to your team. This is a challenging time, but it helps to make a decision about what your plan is during this period of uncertainty. By making a statement, you’re defining your position and giving clarity. This will help you as much as will anyone else.

You’re a responsible leader and it’s good to show that you’re in control of your plan.

It’s important to provide clear and concise information about what you, as a business, are doing to;
combat the spread of Coronavirus and how you are protecting your team and your clients alike and
maintaining people’s expectations about how your business will be running from this point forth. 

These are the sections you should consider when thinking about your own Coronavirus Statement:  

Acknowledging the situation that we are all facing 

This is hard, for everyone.  When addressing your clients, remember that they are potentially worried, scared, sad, hugely disappointed and everything all at once.  

Reassure people that you intend to carry on carrying on 

Reassurance and empathy are your biggest goals here.  Outline that you are taking steps to minimise the impact this will have on your obligations and to minimise the impact your business will have on public health. Tell people how you plan to fulfil your obligations and carry on in light of all the changes- even if this likely means postponement or cancellation, be clear about next steps.
e.g How can people re-book? What dates do you have available? etc.

This is tough- but make a plan and communicate that clearly. Even if your plan is to take it week by week, be sure to manage expectations and keep people informed. Communication is key.  

Following the UK Government and NHS guidelines 

It’s important that you state that you are following the guidelines clearly outlined by the UK Government and NHS guidelines.  If you want to, you can also mention the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well. To a certain degree your hands are tied in so many ways, so refer couples to this so that they can understand the situation fully and understand that you are a victim of these circumstance too.  

Outline the steps you are taking to be responsible

Be clear about the specific steps you are taking to minimise public health risk and to protect yourself, staff and clients.  This might include food safety, contact-free deliveries, social distancing, working remotely and other measures.  

Remind people of your priorities 

Decide what matters – meeting your contractual obligations, making your couples happy – whatever it is.  Again, be clear and reassure them.  

Be confident 

Using phrases like “we’re/I’m confident” or “I’m pleased to confirm that it’s business as usual” etc. instil confidence in your reader that you know what you’re doing and how to manage this situation for your business (and their booking) 

Don’t apologise, empathise 

You have nothing to apologise for in this- you are also being impacted.  The Coronavirus outbreak is out of your control and therefore it is not something to apologise for.  Instead use phrases like “Thank you for taking the time to read this message” or “I wanted to get in touch to reassure you of the measures we’re taking” or “please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions”.  Keeping an open dialogue is important, apologising closes the dialogue.

But you can say that you understand how difficult this situation is, you can still empathise and be supportive. Being human and authentic is really important if you want to reach a helpful resolution for all.

Do you have questions about your Coronavirus Statement, or any other questions about how your business could be impacted by this current climate, get in touch with the Weddingly team – we’re happy to help where we can.   

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