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Part 2, the next 12 months: How is Covid-19 going to affect the wedding industry?

Please note: All of the information in our posts and articles is accurate and correct at the time it was published. As the Covid-19 situation evolves, our advice might change. We will be frequently publishing new, up-to-date articles and advice, to reflect this.

Once the Coronavirus outbreak is contained and we’ve undergone the immediate impact of this, we will start to see some changes as things start to return back to normal.  As businesses reopen, kids return to schools and resources become more readily available once more, couples will start to rebook, reorganise and restart the planning of, their weddings – so what kind of changes to plans, trends and ideas do we think we’ll be seeing industry-wide?   

Here are our top 5 predictions:  

Prediction 1:  Couples will stick to reduced day-guest numbers 

Emerging trends pre-Coronavirus showed an increase in couples wanting smaller, and more intimate, weddings.  Whilst the industry, as a whole, has seen an increase in the average number of wedding guests attending weddings over the last 5 years, the number of couples choosing a smaller wedding guestlist has increased.  We predict this trend will continue and the number of couples sticking to a smaller guestlist will grow.  The reason for this?  Couples have had reduced contact with people over the previous 6 months during the Coronavirus outbreak, so their circles are naturally smaller.  Couples may have also tragically experienced loss during this period, so guestlists will be more intimate, close friends and family.

Prediction 2:  Couples will choose to marry in the UK more 

Destination weddings won’t stop, but the number of couples choosing to marry overseas will reduce in the aftermath of the Coronavirus.  With the risks of overseas travel being heavily emphasised during the outbreak, couples will be prioritising overseas travel for honeymoons rather than the wedding days themselves.  

Prediction 3:  Honeymoons will be extravagant 

Couples will have been cooped up for a long time, with potential travel restrictions placed upon opportunities to visit other countries.  In addition, couples have been saving their disposable income during the Social Distancing plan and avoiding spending money on entertainment outside of the home, such as restaurants, theatres and pubs, so they have more to spend on their luxury honeymoons.  As travel bans lift, couples will direct their new savings pots towards a big splash on the honeymoon instead.  

Prediction 4:  Wedding Insurance premiums will rise.   

As Wedding Insurers begin to start taking on new clients again, the risks of a pandemic will be heavily considered by the underwriters.  Couples will consider their insurers carefully and shop around to find the best deal, but most importantly the insurance that best covers them for unexpected situations like the ones we will have just made our way through.  This will increase prices and drive specific deals.   

Prediction 5:  A decrease in the trend of evening/reception dresses for brides 

With the addition of couples having had to split their day and evening receptions due to the Coronavirus, postponing the evening celebration until later in the year, brides will start to use their wedding dress a second time for this separate evening reception.  As the splitting of the day means that ceremony and wedding breakfast guestlists are reduced and the postponed evening celebration including a larger number of guests who haven’t seen “the dress”, brides are likely to be more inclined to re-wear the dress so that their evening guests can see.   

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